Ikonka Okowita Ziemniak Gala 2021

Podole Wielkie Okowita’s
2021 Vintage

Podole Wielkie Okowita’s 2021 Vintage

Every bottle tells a story

We welcomed in the New Year extensively – with the unveiling of Podole Wielkie’s Okowita permanent exhibition at the Polish Vodka Museum, as well as the opening of our flagship tavern “Podole Wielkie and Friends in Gdańsk. These two events are the end result of our hard work in 2021.

It is therefore with a great deal of excitement, that we introduce, the vintage 2021 Okowita’s from Podole Wielkie. We will start with potato – Gala, a mild variety, then Stannos rye, followed by barley, and for many their favourite, wheat.

2021 was reasonably successful in terms of yields, mainly due to a lack of water. A dry spring and a scorching summer drastically impacted upon our planned raw materials harvest, especially the cereal crops. However, this fact did not ultimately affect the quality of our raw materials.

As is now customary, we would like to thank everyone on our farm, for the almighty effort they all put into their day-after-day hard work, especially at harvest time.

The Okowita patron for the 2021 vintage

People are the most important

The patron of the 2021 vintage is Agnieszka Wejer, a native Podolian. She is the first person who works for both the homestead and the Podole Wielkie distillery. As she so often jokes about her job: „Being an accountant is a wonderful occupation – as I always have my fingers on the money, not necessarily mine.”

In her schooldays, a keen chess player, she played for the school boys’ team at interschool competitions.

In her spare time,
Agnieszka is very active at the local Oratorium, helping out with organising and conducting children’s games, live performances as well as the Nativity play. It was during these wonderful social endeavours, that she learnt to dance the The Chapelloise.

On a daily basis, we really appreciate her cheerfulness, smile and wonderful understanding of people. Without her, we really wouldn’t be where we are today. Moreover, our office would not welcome each and every day so keenly or so enthusiastically.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Agnieszka Wejer for agreeing to be the Okowita patron for the 2021 vintage.

Ikonka Okowita Ziemniak Gala 2021

Okowita Potato ‘Gala’ 2021 Vintage

The 2021 vintage Podole Wielkie Okowita ‘Gala’  potato, is the most delicate potato distillate at any time in our history. The potato profile is complemented by its minerality and a creamy bouquet, together with the flavours of walnuts and wild apples. The enduring herbal finish, is a perfect conclusion to this story.

Aroma: mineral, clotted cream, rich, hints of apple, tobacco, menthol

Palate: creamy, sweet, spicy, young walnut, wild apple

Finish: long, mineral, white pepper, dried herbs

Agnieszka Wejer is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Ikonka Okowita Pszenica 2021

Okowita Wheat 2021 Vintage

Okowita Podole Wielkie Wheat 2021 is an unusual distillate with a sweet aroma of apples, crumble and green-tea, balanced by a dry taste with hints of ginger, pear and herbs. The finish can be summed up as a sweet return with coconut and biscuit accents.

Aroma: sweet, grated apples, pan dulce, crumble, challah, green-tea, tobacco

Palate: dry, ginger, white pepper, apple seeds, herbs, green pear

Finish: coconut milk, biscuit, butter, vanilla

Agnieszka Wejer is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Ikonka Okowita Jęczmień 2021

Okowita Barley 2021 Vintage

Okowita Podole Wielkie Barley 2021 vintage, is one of our most enigmatic Okowita’s. The sweet aroma of wild flowers and green coffee beans turns into a creamy, light taste of purée and nuts. Everything is completed with a delicate finish with hints of cocoa and toasted grain.

Nose: full, sweet, wild meadow flowers, white vegetable purée, followed by all-spice, rosemary, bay leaf.

Palate: Light, creamy, potato  purée, sweet celery, followed by a dash of white pepper, green walnuts, herbs.

Finish: Delicate, cocoa, coffee beans.

Agnieszka Wejer is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Okowita Rye 2022 SE

Okowita Podole Wielkie Rye Special Edition is defined by a well-structured, full aroma with a dominant accent of carmelized plums or even damson jam. The palette of aromas is further complemented by notes of rye bread with a hint of butter and yoghurt. In its taste, grain and bread crust come to the fore, followed by plums in chocolate, and elderberry liqueur. The finish tends toward dryness, with the obligatory wild apples, grain and cocoa.

Nose: carmelized plum, damson, cherry liqueur, rye bread, a hint of butter, yoghurt

Palate: grain, bread, plums in chocolate, elderberry flower

Finish: seeds, apple, cocoa