Podole Wielkie
Working together with

The Podole Wielkie Distillery with Ale Browar

A true story

„But how come, vodka with a taste of beer?” – someone might ask.

We’ll quote Mr. Robert Makłowicz, who said this during a tasting session while at our distillery:

„Well, because usually, we are looking for vodka to be (…) as neutral as possible, while Okowita’ s (…) are there to declare loudly from what it has been made.”

That is the point. A collaboration between a brewery and a distillery. The very essence of a beer taste enclosed within a high-strength distillate.

Podole Wielkie Working with AleBrowar

It is for this reason, that on our beer derived Okowita labels we write:

“It simply had to happen. AleBrowar and the Podole Wielkie distillery are barely 22km apart, and they are linked by something more than simply being in the Pomeranian neighbourhood. Authentic craft production methods and the daring to go out and discover new ones. This is how our mutual beer Okowita came into being.” 

We are thrilled at this meeting of hearts, minds and souls, and the excellent outcome of this partnership.

How did it turn out? Find out for yourself. Why not try some.

Imperial Smoky Joe beer cask finish Okowita

There is no escaping fate. Joe tried. Fascinated by Diogenes, he lived just like him, in a barrel. He did not know that his new home was made from smoke. Looking for man, he found his ideal habitat. He emerged from the barrel in new attire. The smoke extended before him, while fire followed. This is how the legend came about.

Poland’s first cask aged beer Okowita.

The Pastry Master beer Okowita 2022 vintage

What can happen if we wander off the beaten track and plunge into a maze of the imagination? We could discover amazing worlds: Neverland, the Chocolate Factory or The Pink Panther. Feel lighter than air and you’ll float away. Awaken your imagination and you will conquer the world. Our quest has led us to Pastry Master, which was created by combining the strength of AleBrowar and the Tri-City pastry chef Tomasz Deker. Cheesecake Souer? – hold on to our glasses. After visiting our distillery, this latest hero has gained new strengths. Be wary, it can get your head into a spin.

Nose: distinctive, floral, grated apples, milk, aronia

Mouth: mouth-watering, bird cherry, aronia, pears, raisins

Finish: milky – mint

Crazy Mike beer Okowita 2022 vintage

They told him not to come back…reminding him how the Beast ended up – that’s what the ‘experts’ all said. Yet he, pursuing happiness, listened to only himself. When he appeared in the ring, everybody was astonished. Bigger than ever before, yet had lost none of his touch. The first clout, a left jab, aimed straight at the nose, was like a tropical whirlwind. After the fight, his challenger recalled that the finish was surprising, which seemed to go on endlessly. He sensed some bitterness, but it wasn’t the taste of failure. At last, he came face-to-face with the legend – Crazy Mike.

Nose: intense, creamy, fruit pulp, tropical fruit, mango, grapefruit, pomelo, hops, dried fruit.

Lips: robust, grapefruit, orange zest, hops, Earl Grey.

Finish: intense, slight bitterness, orange bitters, hops, tea.

Butelka Okowita Rowing Jack, Bierbrand Podole Wielkie i Ale Browar, Okowita z piwa

ROWING JACK beer Okowita 2021 vintage

‘’Yo ho, yo ho, and a bottle of rum, a pirates life for me’’,  was once sung. We’ve chosen a different course. We grabbed the oars, and together with Jack, we rowed off into the unknown. The old map and compass were left behind. So we threw caution to the wind, and we let our noses and intuition be our guide. Initially, everything seemed very familiar. We immersed ourselves in hops, only to then come across grapefruit and other tropical fruits, that lured through their succulence. We succumbed to this temptation. Avidly feasted on these flavours. In the mouth, the freshness of the hops mingled wonderfully with the bitter note of grapefruit and the sweetness of pomelo. All this was delicately complemented with a hint of beer notes coming through, rounded-off by the tempting taste of liquorice. Left brimming with such impressions, we eventually reached the end of our journey. Rowing Jack had to find his own way amongst the anise stars, and through the dense pine forest saturated by resin aromas.

Butelka Okowita El Fruto, Bierbrand Podole Wielkie i Ale Browar

EL FRUTO beer Okowita 2021 vintage

Mango, a pixie and a crazy mad lemur. Here, nothing is exactly as it initially seems. The scent of mango, accompanied by mango and, of course… mango. This bunch, is then accompanied by a melon dressed in a coat of leaves. Encouraged by this aroma, the  mouth then yells: „Mango, follow me!” So the mango goes along, leaving some room for the beer, orange bitters and peach peel. All that is left, is to invite some mandarins over at the end. They are a bit shy, until…

The finish is theirs. They sensed the mint and alongside the dark chocolate, created a sensational culmination, coming full circle with the citrus that dominated at the outset.

Butelka Okowita Salty Barbara, Bierbrand Podole Wielkie i Ale Browar, Okowita z piwa

SALTY BARBARA beer Okowita 2021 vintage

Barbara isn’t daft. She is herself, and when she goes for it, she takes no prisoners. Actually, it’s not that difficult when you’re astride a dragon. She intrigued me, so I decided to look deeply into her soul.

The aroma surrounding her made me smile. A delicate red fruitiness combined with a creamy sweetness balanced out by the tartness of leaves.

She kissed me before I could imagine what her lips might taste like. They were sweet, fresh and lush. Red currants intertwined with mint, delivering anticipation for yet more. The dash of white pepper should have hinted as to what was about to take place. She nipped my lip and the sweetness gently shifted into a sense of tartness, the mint grew a peppery talon, and the fresh currants transformed into an astringent wine. Salty Barbara was flirting with me. Then suddenly, she sat on her dragon and flew away, leaving wisps of her soul behind… we’ll meet again, for sure.

Butelka okowity Hard Bride

HARD BRIDE beer Okowita 2021 vintage

Although this Okowita made from Hard Bride embodies a true lady in this distinguished line-up, we are also sure that she will floor many a man. Just like American Barley Wine, this distillate has just the right substance. The aroma and taste are dominated by hints of toffee, honey and salted caramel. Prepare for a true taste sensation.

Butelka Okowity Smoky Joe

IMPERIAL SMOKY JOE beer Okowita 2021 vintage

Imperial Smoky Joe has a black soul. It is no different with the Okowita from this distinctive stout.

The aroma is smoky, reminiscent of curing, with a hint of banana. Coffee and dark chocolate tastes prevail. In a definite manful finish, dark caramel and fruit coated in dark chocolate tastes abound.

Butelka okowity z piwa Crazy Mike

CRAZY MIKE beer Okowita 2021 vintage

Crazy Mike was a seriously tough proposition. After all it is a true legend within the Polish beer revolution. The Okowita from this double IPA, perfectly hopped as befits this superlative AleBrowar amber nectar, as slowly begins to release its aroma. The nose undergoes an undeniable left-hook of citrus, flowers and hops. The mouth, then receives a delightful fruity sweetness, that is ideally balanced, with a bitter finish.