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Baltic Porter Okowita

from the Castle Brewery beer

Castle Brewery The Baltic Porter

The Castle Brewery (Browar Zamkowy) in Cieszyn was built in 1846 at the request of Archduke Karl Ludwig, and the foundation stone was laid by Archduke Albrecht Fryderyk. 

It is the longest actively functioning brewery in Poland. It currently has some 50 original recipes in production.

One of them is Baltic Porter beer.
More info available on : www.browarcieszyn.pl

Podole Wielkie
Baltic Porter Okowita

We have had the unique honour of co-creating while at the same time, celebrating the 175th  anniversary of the Cieszyn Castle Brewery. It was from the Baltic Porter from the Castle Brewery that we crafted the Podole Wielkie Baltic Porter for the 175th anniversary celebration of the brewery.

We are proud to be part of such a grand history. Only 416 bottles of this Okowita have been crafted, which of course, is unique for a number of reasons.

Every bottle tells a story.

Okowita z piwa PORTER BAŁTYCKI
Okowita z piwa PORTER BAŁTYCKI

Crafted from Baltic Porter.

Exceptional uniqueness. Delicious in its taste, and limited to only 416 bottles, this Baltic Porter Okowita originating as a beer from the Castle Brewery in Cieszyn.

Aroma: roasted malt, coffee, hops.,

Taste: Coffee, tiramisu, pear, apple, bananas in chocolate.,

Finish: Marzipan, cocoa, coffee.,

Okowita Porter Bałtycki is available only at the Podole Wielkie Distillery and at our Gdańsk establishment „Podole Wielkie and Friends”