From our fields to the bottle

Grown, harvested and distilled in Pomerania

Our delightful homestead is located in Pomerania, about 20km from the Baltic Sea coast. We are literally surrounded by expanses of fields and forests, a long way off from massive industrial sites. We sincerely make sure of realizing the true potential of this beautiful area. Everything that is encapsulated within our distillates comes from here. This is also where our unique rapeseed oil is produced. That is why, there is a wholesome feeling of a true bond with this place and just one of the reasons we refer to our products as „Podole Wielkie”.

Our harvests on your table

When we decided to create our own products, we knew that they had to be authentic, made entirely by ourselves and in one place. Hence our slogan „from our fields to bottle”. This philosophy allows us not only to wholeheartedly endorse the local ambience, but it also gives us the conviction that the bottles’ clarity only goes to protect the absolute best tastes and aromas, while the contents of each one of them is unique.

The raw materials that are used in the production of our fine spirits, come solely from our very own fields. We take great pride in being one of the few that scrupulously monitor their path to the final product. We believe, that thanks to this approach, we have a complete understanding of what precisely is passed on to our clients.

Creating Enchantment

It all starts in the fields, where we cultivate cereal crops and potatoes with the utmost care. We then ferment the gathered crops and then distil them slowly, without undue haste, in a huge copper still, closely monitoring the entire process and paying meticulous attention to each and every step. As a result, the final product has a very simple harmony – it is after all, just distillate and water. We believe that the enchantment of the taste lies in this simplicity and each time we strive to extract the absolute best from the harvested and used raw materials. Podole Wielkie spirits contain no additives, are not filtered, while the finished distillate is bottled and labelled completely by hand. All of our products are made as very limited editions. Each is bottled as a single vintage. Each vintage is different, unique, exceptional and enchanting.