Podole Wielkie
Okowita’s 2020 Vintage

Podole Wielkie Okowita’s 2020 Vintage

Every bottle tells a story

2020 was… well 2020. We all remember what it was like. It was most certainly not an easy time.

On the one hand, a global pandemic, many unknowns. Lots of emotions, a few bad and some a little better.

On the other hand, it was a good year for our homestead in terms of harvests.

It all started however, with some early spring frosts and a lack of rainfall. Fortunately, the late spring and early summer conditions, definitely spurred on the wonderful growth of our crops. In spite of a slightly delayed harvest, overall, the year’s crop of core produce was considered a success.

The 2020 vintage found within the distillate is most definitely optimistic, full, with a strong flavour. One can most definitely say, that the 2020 vintage has a story to it.

The Okowita patron for the 2020 vintage

The 2020 vintage patron is Marek, or more precisely Mr. Marian Hermann, who is also known as Marek. 

As Michał Paszota says: “This is just one of those things that everyone simply accepts with no questions asked. There is also Marek”.

He was the first employee at the homestead.

It is he who operates the big boys’ toys, i.e. 300hp tractors.

Marek remembers all of the good and not so good times.

Therefore, Marek, thank you. Also for agreeing to become the patron of the 2020 vintage.

Okovita Potato 2020 vintage Innovator

By using the Innovator strain, we created a divine potato essence in a bottle. Horseradish and potato aromas, present throughout the tasting stage, are augmented by an intriguing herbal finish.

Aroma mineral, organic potato, horseradish, a botanical note

Taste – creamy sweetness, potato pureé with horseradish, the zest of lemon

Finish moderate, horseradish, herbs

Marek is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Potato Innovator 2020 vintage Alter Ego

The Innovator strain in the ‘Alter Ego’ variety just goes to show how complex the potato is. A smoked apple and potato aroma, with a starchy, slightly salty taste complements the extraordinary horseradish finish.

Aroma fresh, baked potato, smoke, hint of dry apple, toasted potato peel, lemon zest

Taste mineral, starchy, fresh potato, bonfire baked potato, salt

Finish intense, prolonged, dynamic, with notes of apple and horseradish

Marek is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Okowita Rye 2020 vintage

Rye 2020 vintage, is an apple and cocoa aromatic burst, with the zest of sautéd plums and pan dulce, beautifully interwoven, with an intense dry finish and a hint of roasted grains and honey.

Aroma baked apple, delicately roasted grain, dried plums, cocoa

Taste – carmelized plum, plain chocolate, apple, cocoa

Finish – prolonged, dry, intense, grainy, roasted grain, buckwheat honey

Marek is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Okowita Wheat 2020 vintage

The Wheat 2020 vintage seduces with an aroma of carmelized butter and nuts, a definite ambrosial dried fruit palette, and a long, dry finish with a subtle herbal note. 

Aroma – carmelized butter, hazelnuts, pan dulce, caramel, dried fruit

Taste dried fruit, hazelnuts, cashews, carmelized butter

Finish developing, delicate, prolonged, dry, with a hint of Provence herbs.

Marek is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.

Okowita Barley 2020 vintage

The Barley 2020 vintage, is an excellent combination of resinous and coffee aromas, tiramisu and vanilla flavours, with a meticulous, coffee-mint finish. 

Aroma: botanical, dried herbs, mint, resinous, coffee, a hint of fruit

Taste: coffee, cocoa, cream, vanilla, tiramisu

Finish: medium, rugged, toasted grains, coffee, fresh herbs – mint, thyme, a hint of rosemary

Marek is the patron of the Okowita 2021 vintage.