Vodka. As it should be.
From Poland.

Vodka. As it should be. From Poland.

Vodka production in Poland is a centuries-old tradition. At The Podole Wielkie Distillery, we are adding our chapter to it. Therefore, using our knowledge and experience in creating Okowitas, we have combined the neutrality of the rectified-alcohol with the coplexity of our own distillate. In this way, we have created vodkas that stem from the best of the ingredients while being extremely delicate at the same time.

Vodka. From Podole Wielkie

This is Poland’s undisputed national beverage. Modern vodkas have a relatively short history of about 150 years. In the 19th century, the first rectification columns were created, which made it possible to obtain highly purified alcohol. This is how the pure vodkas we know today, which are neutral in flavour and aroma, were created.